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Climate and Animal Responsible Diet


During the last years, and due to a steady growing population, the topic of global food consumption has grown into major issue for a sustainable existence on this planet.

While many regions are still fighting with hunger and malnutrition, more developed countries go beyond a feasible rate of consumption. Food production alone contributes to about one quarter of the worlds global CO2-emissions as well as one third of the worlds water footprint. To have a meaningful impact on CO2 emissions and water consumption, global food systems must change, but consumer behaviour can also have a significant influence.

CARD tries to help people to adapt to a more environmentally healthy diet, through giving multiple recipe suggestions for each meal the app is used for. Meanwhile CARD also records the progress for each individual user to show them how strong an impact your food choices have on water- and CO2-footprints.

CARD won’t be the solution for our world increasing problems, but for the future it might give us a better hand.

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